Tuesday, 30 April 2013

9/11 - Plane Speed

9/11 did not happen how we were told. I believe that 9/11 was a Psyop, also known as a  Psychological Operation. This was achieved by using Media Fakery. There were no terrorists and no planes, all I know is that two buildings (and a few more) are now gone. The live footage we were shown on 9/11 were prefabricated, meaning it was not live, and it was not real. 

Abirato has a good summary of what happened, and I agree with his 9/11 Psyop bullet points. 
I would highly recommend reading that page before continuing on with my blog post. 
Today we are going to look at some 'Live' footage shown on 9/11 of the second plane hitting the second tower. Link below.

Youtube Video of 2nd Crash

I am going to quickly discuss some of the other issues with this footage. 

Firstly, there are three zooms, and just after the final zoom, a plane comes into view and hits the towers. Pretty dramatic stuff. I wonder what the odds of that are? Catching the iconic shot just after the final zoom brings the camera as close at it can go. Nice little coincidence.

Secondly, just at the quality of the video, this includes the buildings, the plane, the smoke, the skyline, does that look real? This was 2001, the camera on news helicopters were much better than a stand hand held camera. Yet compare the video of the second crash to this Manhattan helicopter ride in 1999, especially from 4:35.
Left image taken from a helicopter video camera in 2001
Right image taken a hand held video camera in 1999
Only one of these images looks like a poorly made CGI version of New York....which one is it?

This third issue ties in with my main point. The plane was supposedly travelling at 510 knots, 'As the aircraft made its final descent to 1000 feet, it accelerated and impacted World Trade Center tower #2 at approximately 510 knots ground speed.'. According to Wikipedia and Boeing the cruise speed is 470 knots, 530 mph at 35,000 ft cruise altitude and the maximum cruise speed is 493 knots, 567 mph at 35,000 ft cruise altitude. This means the plane was travelling faster than its maximum cruising speed at ground level, which is impossible. Reason why I believe the plane was said to be going at this speed was to explain the 'nose out'. If you are not familiar with the nose out concept, please watch this video

Now onto the main point of this. Lets assume the plane is able to go at that speed at ground level, so at the impact the speed of the plane is 510 knots. It takes the plane 6 frames to travel its own length at 510 knots.

I then superimposed the image on the right, without the red circle, on top of the wide shot by Chopper 5. The wide shot is 237 frames before the close plane shot. 237/6 = 39.5. On the wide shot I placed 39 markers to show where the planes position should be. The plane is not there.

If there was a plane travelling at the speed it claimed to travelling at, the plane should be on the right of that last red bar. This is assuming the 'terrorists' got the plane up to top speed at least 30 seconds prior to impact, the furthest the plane could be away from the towers is after that red line. If the 'terrorists' were increasing in speed of the plane, and just before impact the plane reach top speed, then the plane should be visible somewhere along the black and red line. If you find a plane in this image.

Left image 0:25 and right image is 0:28 on video of second crash

Should there be this many discrepancies in a 30 second live shot if the video was real? No. The reason why there are these issues with the video is because it is a fake video. The Hollywood style drama in the zooms, the poor quality of the video, buildings, scenery, the impossible plane speeds and the lack of plane... 

9/11 was a big lie, and the media showed us a poorly made film. 

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