Friday, 21 November 2014

James' Story

I have not posted on here in a very long time, could not think of my next piece. I am thinking of starting this blog again, less of just trying to provide smoking gun evidence and more of just general information and maybe some audios. The main issue with joining people’s audios is that almost everyone in this community is either American or Canadian (maybe too many Canadians……:P). Therefore the time zone differences screw me to try and participate in the calls.

So I am sitting on a train, so I am going to give some information on my story. A lot of people go on about their awaking, and how it was a gradual process to eventually finding the ‘truth’. Mine was a bit different.
I will take you back to September of 2012. It was coming up to the 11th anniversary of 9/11 and every year I looked into it for that day, just to see what people were talking about. Sometimes it was ‘conspiratorial information’ but nothing ever really made sense to me, there were always too many issues and flaws with the evidence and story they were providing. But I mostly read information about the official story, so my views were that maybe Bush knew, but the official story was pretty much correct.
So on the 9th of September 2012 I was looking round the internet and found some John Lear videos, and he was talking about the moon and crazy space missions that NASA was taking part in secretly. I listened to about 10 hours of his audio and found it all very interesting but didn’t really believe it. I thought he may have some truth as why would he lie. Then he mentioned that on 9/11 holograms were used, and I thought he was absolutely nuts, so I stopped listening. My views on the subject didn’t change.
I had a little google on the 10th and searched for this hologram theory, just because I thought it was interesting but didn’t really understand what it was or what it actually meant. So after searching I found a guy called Richard D Hall, he was promoting this hologram theory. The reason why I listened to him because he was from the same city as I am. I watched a few of his videos, and didn’t really believe any of it, and really struggled to understand it, I was thinking, why would they be using holograms for anything, as planes hit the buildings. He didn’t explain it well so I moved on from that theory. And once again, my views didn’t change and thought that ‘conspiracy theorists’ were crazier than I thought.
So, the next day came, 11th of September 2012. I was wanting to look at some conspiracy information that had a bit more merit and was more factual. Where did I go for this information you ask? Where else but Wikipedia! I went on Wikipedia on the ‘9/11 Conspiracy Theories’. There were a lot of sections, but something caught my eye.
It was the ‘No-Plane Theory’. I instantly thought this was both the funniest and stupidest thing I had ever seen. (As you can see, I made no connection to the no plane theory and the hologram theory). I  googled the theory because I wanted to find what these people had s evidence just because I thought it was so wrong, and so stupid. This was start of the most shocking two hours of my life.
I googled it, but then decided I wanted to watch a video of it. The video I found was called September Clues by Simon Shack. I started watching just so I could get some of the points and then laugh at it then move on.
I remember watching it vividly to this day, my jaw was dropped, all I had to do was watch it once and everything clicked. Every issue I had with all the conspiracy were answered by this video. At the time, it left absolutely no stone unturned and answered every question I had at the time. I immediately believed it, the information was solid, and it had no holes.  In two hours my world was turned upside down. It went from the ‘TV told the truth and showed it how it was’, to ‘they edited planes into the footage to make you think there was planes, they used CGI/greenscreen to fake footage and they faked witnesses.’
I went from official story is properly correct to there were no planes on 9/11 in 2 hours. Some people said this took them months or years to get there. By pure luck I was able to find out the truth (key parts of it anyway) in 2 hours. So 11 years after 9/11 it was relieved to me how it was actually done. After watching it, I found the September Clues website and CluesForum. I spent 2 weeks straight reading everything on that site. I found out that almost everything was fake on that day. But before I watch September Clues I never once, I repeat never once, thought that video evidence could be faked, and how wrong I was.

Anyway, its been over 2 years since that day and my views haven’t really changed but more have expanded on this concept. I have realised that 9/11 was the tip of the iceberg in  this world, the method of faking footage and events is deeper and darker than I could have every realised. This was mostly because of a link I found in clues form. The first is Fakeologist (then known as wake up with Ab), who dealt with 9/11 almost exclusively, then through him I found Markus Allen, then through him I found Chris Kendall. With these two I found out more about this world, the system, fakery, and everything in between. Hopefully I will start adding to this blog soon, but there is a bit of background information on my awaking process. It took a day, and it was a hell of a day.
Please comment with your stories. Keep them as long or as brief as you wish.


  1. Great awakening story James. It would be great to hear you tell it to ab on fakeologist radio some time and to hear your other views on 9/11 and worldwide media fakery. Welcome to the "desert of the real" - many of us have pitched our camps here and have started sharing our stories. :)

  2. Thanks for the link James!

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